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Importance of Terms And Conditions and Privacy Policy on Your Business Website

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Terms of services, privacy policy, refund policy, disclaimer, trademark information, patent information, accessibility information, cookie policy, I am not going to pretend any of it sounds interesting. I know that you would rather prefer watching paint dry than going through hundreds of paragraphs (sometimes pages) of legal text.
However, as a business owner, these pages are of critical importance for your business.
Depending on the area you live in and the type of business you own, these legal pages can help you set some rules to clarify your terms on:

  1. Copyright compliance and protection.
  2. Clarifying the information you collect and how you use it (required by some laws).
  3. Logs of user information.
  4. Privacy protection and compliance with the local law.
  5. Registration and Account Security.
  6. Transactions.
  7. Amendment and termination of services or the terms themselves.
  8. Warranties and disclaimers.
  9. Comments and feedback.

These are just some generic subjects that legal pages can help you with.

Getting your Terms and Conditions page right

I highly recommend using our terms and conditions generator to create a boilerplate template for your website. It covers most of the basic elements and if you find anything lacking, you can always add your own terms to it and hence personalise it.

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